Camellia seed growth process

Seed germination: It all starts with the germination of Camellia seeds. The seed sprouts when it comes in contact with moisture and soil. The ideal germination temperature is between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Seedling growth: After the seed germinates, the seedling emerges from the ground, and the growth phase begins. The seedling requires regular watering and fertilizer application to grow healthy and strong.

Vegetative and reproductive phases: Once the seedling has grown into a small tree, it begins to switch from the vegetative to the reproductive phase. During the reproductive phase, the tree produces flowers and fruits.

Flowering period: Camellia trees produce flowers during the winter months. At this time, the tree blooms with beautiful colorful flowers ranging from red, pink, and white.

Fruit formation: After the flowers die, the tree produces small green fruits, which eventually ripen into brown fruits. The fruits contain seeds that are used to produce camellia oil.

Harvesting: The harvesting of Camellia seeds starts when the fruits turn brown and begin to fall off the trees. Farmers collect the fruits and extract the seeds. The seeds are then cleaned, dried, and processed to produce camellia oil.

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