Little knowledge of camellia oil

There are many varieties of camellia oil, nearly two dozen varieties.

Planting location. The best place to plant camellia oil trees is between 600 and 1000 meters above sea level, and the soil quality is sandy loam. The altitude determines the temperature and humidity for the growth of Camellia sinensis, while the soil quality is related to the permeability of the root system. The healthier the oil tree grows, the better the oil quality.
Picking time. The best time to pick tea seeds for camellia oil is after the frost. The maturity of the fruit is already full. Nowadays, many people will pick the immature tea seeds to extract oil, which is a wild product, but its quality is not guaranteed. Picked too early, the nutrients are not formed. This is a common phenomenon in rural areas.

Oil production method. The best way of camellia oil is physical pressing, which can ensure no loss of nutrients and zero pollution. The disadvantage is that the oil yield is low and the cost is high. While the chemical pressing, although the oil yield is high, but will cause the finished oil pollution, and in the acquisition of oil will lose some of the nutrients. The author does not agree with the chemical way to obtain finished camellia oil.

Poor quality tea oil has:1 blended tea oil. This is usually direct blending of palm oil in the extracted camellia oil. 2 Tea oil that is collected from the physical press and then refined from the tea wilts. There may be chemical methods or products obtained by direct soaking of tea wilts with palm oil.3 Unripe tea seed oil.4 Varieties that are not of high quality.5 Tea oil with contaminated cultivation methods.

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